Passage: 2Timothy 2:8~13  

Keyverse: 8

1. This is my gospel (8-10)

The gospel is the good news about what God has done. He kept his promise to David. He sent Jesus to die for our sins and he raised him from the dead. When we accept this gospel, we are saved. Paul preached it; he lived by it; he was ready to die for it, for it is the only way of salvation God has provided for his elect. Paul was chained in prison, but the gospel is not chained. God's gospel changes lives. God gives salvation from sin and death, and eternal glory to his elect through this gospel.

2. This is a trustworthy saying (11-13)

Paul expressed gospel truth in a poem. If we repent and accept Jesus' death for our sins, God will raise us to new life by his resurrection power. If we share in Jesus' suffering for a world dying in sin, then we will also share his glory. If we yield to the pressures of the world and disown Jesus, he will disown us. We have no strength to be faithful, but Jesus is faithful; he holds on to us even when we are too weak to hold on to him.

Prayer: Lord, let your gospel take root in my heart. Give me grace to share your suffering.

One Word: Jesus saves; he is faithful