Passage: Colossians 2:16~19  

Key verse: 17b

1. Not a shadow, but reality (16-17)

Christ is the source of our life. Some people try to find God through all kinds of rituals. Festivals and rituals are shadows, but reality is found in Christ. We must come to Christ daily with humble, repentant, and thankful hearts, and not put our hope in religious activities. We must not try to satisfy people who judge us by how religious we look.

2. Don't lose connection with the Head (18-19)

Sometimes we are envious of a Christian who has impressive spiritual experiences. He talks about his dreams or about seeing angels. Paul says that such a person has an unspiritual mind, and that he is spiritually proud. Anyone who loses connection with the Head is tempted to put up a front of false spirituality. But we can only grow and bear good fruit when we maintain a strong and healthy connection with Christ the Head.

Prayer: Lord, help me not to be led astray by the opinions or religions of others, nor by my own pride. Keep me connected to Christ the Head.

One Word: Stay connected to the Head