Passage: Colossians 2:9~15  

Key verse: 13

1. Christ himself circumcised us (9-13)

Christ is all we need for salvation and life now and forever, for all the fullness of God lives in him and he dwells in us. We were dead in sin and held prisoners by Satan. God made us alive with Christ; he circumcised our hearts by cutting away our sinful nature. He did this by his death and resurrection, using the tools of repentance and faith. Water baptism is the sign of our covenant relationship with God in Christ. Real baptism is by God himself through his Holy Spirit. We are buried with Jesus in baptism when we repent, and, by faith in God who raised Jesus from the dead, we are united with him in life.

2. He disarmed our enemies (14-15)

God sets us free from the power of death by disarming our enemies. Our enemy Satan uses the law to condemn us and make us despair. God forgives our sins. Jesus made the law obsolete by his death on the cross. Christ is like a triumphant general who won a great battle and parades his captives, disarmed and helpless, through the streets.

Prayer: Lord, circumcise my heart and dwell in me today; give me victory over all enemies of the gospel.

One Word: I am alive with Christ