Passage: Colossians 2:1~5  

Key verse: 2b,3

1. That they may be encouraged and united (1-3)

Paul had never visited Colosse, but he prayed for the Christians there and for those who lived in the neighboring city of Laodicea. He prayed that they might set their hearts fully on Christ and open their hearts to love one another. The mystery of God is Christ himself. In him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. When he dwells in our hearts, then worldly wisdom and philosophical ideas are exposed as false and cheap. Discouragement and discord are the devil's tools. When Christ dwells in our hearts, we are encouraged in heart and united in love.

2. That no one may deceive you (4-5)

Fine-sounding arguments may be very convincing, but we must never be deceived by words. Paul could not visit the Christians in Colosse, but he knew that Christ would protect them if they put his word in their hearts and loved one another.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, come and dwell in my heart. Help me to know you and know your heart for the world. Help me to love all of God's people.

One Word: Christ, our treasure and real wisdom