Passage: 2Corinthians 1:23~2:11  

Key verse: 2:4b

1. Real love rebukes sin (1:23-2:4)

There was one in the fellowship who lived in sin. This was why Paul had changed his plans about visiting them. He had written them a prayerful and painful letter, rebuking them for ignoring the problem. It grieved him to cause them pain. But he rebuked them because he loved them. He was convinced that God would work among them to bring repentance. True repentance brings joy. Those whose love is rooted in God's love must rebuke when rebuking is needed.

2. Now, forgive (5-11)

The Christians in Corinth had obeyed Paul and excluded the sinful brother until he repented. Now was the time to forgive him and restore him to the fellowship. Satan finds opportunities to work among us when we ignore sin in the fellowship of believers. He also works when we do not forgive and help those who repent. We must not hold a grudge or lord it over a repentant sinner.

Prayer: Lord, teach me your redeeming love for my brothers and sisters so that Satan might not outwit us.

One Word: To let you know my love