Passage: Acts 13:16~25  

Key verse: 22b

1. God chose Israel (16-20a)

God called Israel to be his own possession. He wanted them to be a kingdom of priests through whom he might bless all people (Ex 19:6). He multiplied their numbers in Egypt, and by his almighty power, he led them out of Egypt. He was patient with them during their 40 years of desert training. Then he gave them victory over the Canaanite nations and established them in the promised land.

2. A man after God's own heart (20b-25)

After the moral confusion of the time of the judges, and the failure of the first king Saul, God made David their king. He was a man after God's own heart because he did everything God wanted him to do. God promised that from David's descendants he would bring to Israel the Savior. God kept that promise by sending Jesus. John the Baptist was the witness; he preached repentance, then he introduced Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, give me a sense of history so that I may know your heart. Help me to do what pleases you, and use me in your redemptive history.

One Word: Do what God wants you to do