Passage: Acts 10:23b~33  

Key verse: 33b

1. Cornelius welcomes Peter (23b-29)

Cornelius fell at Peter's feet in reverence. Peter made it clear that he was not a god; he was a man, and a servant of the living God. Peter openly confessed that his being there was a violation of Jewish law, but God had shown him that he should not hold on to his old prejudices. All men are created in God's image. So, when Peter was sent for, he came without objection.

2. Cornelius' prepared heart (30-33)

Cornelius knew that Jews did not enter Gentile homes. He told Peter how God's messenger had visited him while he was praying, and said that God had heard his prayers and seen his generosity in giving to the poor. Cornelius thanked Peter for coming. He and those with him were gathered there in the presence of God, ready to hear everything God had given Peter to say.

Prayer: Lord, cleanse me of pride and prejudice and help me to listen to your word with a prepared heart and mind.

One Word: A heart prepared to hear God's word