Passage: Luke 2:1~7  

Key verse: 2:7

First, Caesar Augustus rules the Roman world (1-3). Luke, the historian, often weaves historical events and people into his gospel narrative. Caesar Augustus was the first and perhaps greatest Roman emperor (31 BC-AD 14). He introduced Pax Romana or Roman peace that was enforced through harsh punishment. He issued an order for all colonial peoples to return to their hometowns to register for a census. This census was designed to levy taxes and conscript men for the army. Caesar may have ruled the Roman world outwardly but his subjects longed for another kind of ruler. Second, Baby Jesus rules our hearts (4-7). Joseph and Mary had to return to Bethlehem for registration. There were no exceptions not even for a pregnant woman. While there, Mary had her baby. There was no room for them in the inn so they had to stay with the animals. They wrapped the Baby Jesus in cloths and laid him in a manger. This was too humble for the Son of God but God came to visit our world and even share in our suffering. Anyone can approach the Baby Jesus in the manger without feeling threatened. The Baby Jesus rules our hearts with perfect peace and love. O praise his name forever!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for sharing in my suffering. I welcome you into my manger-heart.

One Word: Make room in your heart for Jesus