Passage: Luke 22:24~30  

Keyverse: 27c-29

1. Worldly kings (24-27)

The disciples' standard for greatness was Caesar. They thought that the one who bossed everyone around was the greatest, and those who served were nobodies. So, no one wanted to serve. But Caesar is not the standard for greatness--Jesus is. All power in heaven and on earth was his, but he used his power to serve the weak and sick and helpless. He teaches us that we should seek to serve others, not seek to rule them.

2. Jesus promises his kingdom (28-30)

Jesus' disciples didn't need to envy worldly rulers. He conferred on them a kingdom. The Twelve are the patriarchs of the new Israel. They sit with Jesus in the heavenly kingdom and judge the twelve tribes of Israel. Jesus promised all his disciples that they would reign with him (2Ti 2:12). Our hope is in the kingdom of God, not in the kingdoms of men.

Prayer: Lord, give me the mind of Jesus, who lived among men as one who serves. Help me to put my hope in your kingdom.

One Word: Jesus confers on us a kingdom