Passage: Luke 22:1~13  

Keyverse: 7,8

1. Satan entered Judas (1-6)

Judas was one of the privileged Twelve. He had heard Jesus' words--just like Peter and the others--but he never accepted them. He was full of worldly desires (Jn 12:4-6). There was no word of God in his heart (Jn 6:68-71). So when Satan knocked on the door of his heart, he opened it and let him in. He betrayed Jesus for money.

2. Go and make preparations (7-13)

The Passover celebrated Israel's deliverance from Egypt. Jesus came to die as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (Jn 1:29). Peter and John were also among the Twelve. They didn't always understand Jesus' commands, but they obeyed anyway. A man carrying a jar of water led them to the home of a person with a heart and home prepared to accept Jesus. These men learned that God opens doors and provides what is needed for those who accept Jesus' words and move their hands and feet to obey his commands.

Prayer: Lord, come and dwell in my heart, and help me to obey your word so that Satan can find no foothold in me.

One Word: Obey Jesus' word