Passage: Luke 9:57~62  

Key verse: 60

1. Foxes have holes (57-58)

The cost of following Jesus is only exceeded by the incalculable worth of citizenship in God's kingdom. Disciples give up the false hope and superficial security of the world in order to have a room in the Father's house. Security in Christ is eternal; it is the only real security.

2. Go, proclaim the kingdom of God (59-60)

The most urgent business of Jesus' disciples is proclaiming the gospel. Family ties are strong and precious, but proclaiming the gospel is a life and death matter in a dying world, and our first priority must be obedience to our Lord's command.

3. One who puts his hand to the plow (61-62)

If one's decision and commitment are made before God, then there should be no inner reservations and no looking back.

Prayer: Lord, I like the easy life and I love my family and friends; but help me to put a higher priority on following you, so that I may share in your kingdom.

One Word: Discipleship--costly but worth it