Passage: Luke 8:40~48  

Key verse: 48

1. The nameless woman (40-44)

Jesus was welcomed by a huge crowd. A synagogue ruler named Jairus had a dying daughter, and the crowd melted back to let him talk with Jesus. As he and Jesus went toward his house, the crowd almost crushed them in its press. A nameless woman with an incurable bleeding problem slipped up behind Jesus and, with desperate faith, touched the edge of his cloak. Immediately, the bleeding stopped. She intended to melt into the crowd as secretly as she had come.

2. Go in peace, Daughter (45-48)

Jesus did not let her slip away with a healed body and a sin-sick heart; he persistently asked, 'Who touched me?' until she came forward, trembling, and fell at his feet. Jesus wanted her to confess God's grace openly, because he wanted to heal, not only her disease, but her heart as well. He blessed her and called her, 'Daughter'; he gave her healing and his peace.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your healing and your peace in my life.

One Word: Your faith has healed you