Passage: Luke 8:26~31  

Key verse: 30a

1. The man living in the tombs (26-29)

Jesus and his disciples reached the region of the Gerasenes and found there a man with a storm going on inside of him. He wore no clothes and lived in isolation--he wanted to be free of all restraints. Demons had entered his rebellious heart. No one could restrain him, even though many had tried. Their efforts only made him more rebellious. He was miserable and useless, and he terrified the people of that city.

2. What is your name? (30-31)

When Jesus first saw this wild man, he commanded the evil spirits to come out of him. The demoniac had reacted violently. He wanted Jesus' help; he didn't want Jesus' help. The demons recognized Jesus. Jesus asked the man, 'What is your name?' He treated him like a human being, offering him friendship and a personal relationship. The man confessed his problem.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for making a personal relationship with me at great cost to yourself. Come and rule in my heart.

One Word: What is your name?