Passage: Luke 6:6~11  

Key verse: 10

1. A man with a shriveled right hand (6)

Again, it was the Sabbath and Jesus was teaching the Bible in a synagogue. Both Jesus and the Pharisees saw the man with the shriveled right hand. He probably tried to keep it in his pocket, for it was ugly and shameful. With a hand like that, he could not live a normal, useful life. The Pharisees did not care about this man or his inner agony and sorrow. They only wanted to destroy Jesus.

2. To save life or destroy it? (7-11)

Jesus cared about this man. He needed a shepherd's love. Jesus was angry at the false shepherds who wanted to use this man for their own ends. Jesus helped him overcome shame and fear by having him stand up in front of everyone. He rebuked the Pharisees for misuse of the Sabbath. They must save life, not destroy it. They must do good, not evil. He said to the man, 'Stretch out your hand.'--'Expose your life problem and the hidden sorrow in your heart.' He overcame shame and fear, obeyed Jesus, and extended his ugly useless hand. It was healed.

Prayer: Lord, help me to do good, not evil. Help me to work every day to save life, not destroy it.

One Word: Stretch out your hand