Passage: Luke 2:21~24  

Key verse: 21

1. They named him Jesus (21)

On the eighth day Jesus was circumcised. His parents claimed for him the covenant promises that God had given to Abraham in Genesis 17:3-12. Jesus' parents were godly people who wanted to raise their son according to God's law. They were people of faith. They believed what the angel told them about their precious son, so they named him 'Jesus,' as the angel had commanded. His name meant 'salvation.'

2. Presented in the temple (22-24)

According to Leviticus 12, a woman who gave birth to a son must bring him to the temple after 40 days and offer sacrifices. A wealthy family might offer a lamb; a poor family, two doves or two young pigeons. Mary brought the pigeons. Jesus' human family was poor by worldly material standards, but they were rich in love for God and in love for his laws. God entrusted his son to godly parents.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to humbly submit to your law and honor you with my offerings. Thank you for Jesus, the Savior of the world and my Savior, who learned obedience (Heb 5:8).

One Word: Learn obedience