Passage: Numbers 9:1~14  

Key verse: 9:2

First, celebrate at God's time, in God's way (1-5). Celebrating the Passover was to remember God's grace and protection. All the people would be drawn to God and to fellowship with one another. Specific dates were set. They needed to commemorate it so they could celebrate all together. It was a time of joyful celebration in the harsh, barren desert. God's deliverance needs to be passed down to future generations.

Second, unity among God's people (6-14). There were certain circumstances which prevented a person from celebrating the Passover at the proper time. Some people really wanted to worship, but they couldn't because of the law. So they brought their predicaments to Moses. God opened the way for them. They could worship one month later. God really wanted everyone to participate, even the foreigners among them. There is a way to solve the problem when we humbly come to God.

Prayer: Lord, bring us together. Make us one. Build unity among us as we celebrate your grace.

One Word: Worship the Lord in his way in his time with the r