Passage: 2_Chronicles 6:1~11  

Keyverse: 10

1. Things God had promised (1-9)

Solomon reminded the people that God had promised to dwell in a dark cloud and that everything happening was a fulfillment of his word. Solomon blessed the people and also reminded them of all the different promises God had made. God had chosen Jerusalem to be the location for his Name and David to rule his people. He also promised that David's son would build the temple for the LORD's Name.

2. God's promises were fulfilled (10-11)

As the LORD promised, Solomon succeeded his father David and now sat on the throne of Israel. He built the temple and placed the ark inside. This was Solomon's testimony about all the promises God had fulfilled in his life. What is our testimony? What promises has God fulfilled in our lives? There are so many! We can rejoice and testify that all of God's promises are 'Yes' and 'Amen' in Christ.

Prayer: Father, we praise you for all the wonderful promises you have made in Jesus.

One Word: God always keeps his word