Passage: Psalm 112:1~10  

Key verse: 6

The previous Psalm described the blessings that God pours out due to his own goodness. This one focuses on the blessings that come as the result of a righteous life. What happens to those who fear the Lord and take delight in his commands, striving to be gracious and compassionate, to be generous and lend freely, and to conduct their business honestly? We may think that such people will lose out in this world, but it is not so. All that they do will be blessed, and they will have light even in the darkness (4). We should know that the rewards of a holy life are real.

When we receive God’s righteousness through faith in Jesus, and then live trusting God, day by day, we can have real inner stability, not being shaken by bad news (6-8). We will be honored by God and by people as well. On the other hand, things will not go well in the end for the wicked. When people resort to crooked ways to get what they want, their longings will come to nothing (10). It is right to praise God for his fairness in dealing with people.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for Jesus’ blood which gives us new power to live a righteous life. Help me never to doubt that an upright life is a blessed life.

One Word: The righteous will never be shaken.