Passage: Genesis 40:1~23  

Keyverse: 8

1. A shepherd for Pharaoh’s servants (1-8)

Two of Pharaoh’s top servants, his cupbearer and his baker, made Pharaoh angry and were put into the prison with Joseph, who was assigned to watch over them. God was preparing everything for Joseph’s next step. One day, Joseph could tell both servants were disturbed. When he found out it was because of dreams, Joseph offered to interpret the dreams. Joseph cared about others despite his own sufferings, and he kept his faith in God’s purpose working through his own dreams.

2. Favorable and unfavorable interpretations (9-23)

The cupbearer’s dream indicated that he would be restored to Pharaoh’s service. Joseph asked the cupbearer to mention him to Pharaoh so he could get out of prison. The baker’s dream indicated that he would be executed, but Joseph still told him the truth. Both dreams came true exactly as Joseph predicted. However, the cupbearer forgot about Joseph.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your good purpose working in everything. Help me to shepherd others wherever I am and to hold on to my own dream from you.

One Word: A shepherd who knows how God works