Passage: 1_Timothy 5:17~6:2  

Keyverse: 5:21

1. Elders worthy of honor (5:17-21)

Those who direct the church should be honored, provided they preach and teach according to Scripture. Accusations against leaders must be corroborated by two or three witnesses. But if elders sin, they should be exposed without partiality, for God does not show favoritism.

2. Keep yourself pure (5:22-25)

Paul admonished Timothy to keep himself pure. God is a holy judge. His servants need to take sin seriously, clearly discerning good and evil.

3. Slaves and masters (6:1-2)

Slaves and masters who are believers should respect each other as such, not based on worldly position, but in sight of God who does not show favoritism and who is the ruler of us all.

Prayer: Lord, you are the judge of all men. Help me not to show favoritism but treat all people based on the gospel.

One Word: Don't show favoritism