Passage: Isaiah 59:1~21   

Key verse: 20

The prophet addresses the community of God’s people and possibly the returnees from exile as well. They tried hard to procure God’s favor and blessing, but it didn’t seem to be happening. It’s not because God’s arm is too short to save or his ear is too dull to hear, but it is because of their iniquities and sins. Their hideous sins were violence, injustice, lack of integrity, lying lips, and conspiracies. All their evil hands, evil thoughts, and evil ways come from a heart full of evil; such people know no peace. Indeed, our sins separate us from God and provoke God’s wrath. 

The prophet confesses his people’s many sins: oppression, revolt, turning backs on him, and lying. As a result, they are in darkness and have become blind and directionless. Justice, righteousness, and truth is nowhere to be found and whoever shuns evil becomes prey. Since there was no one to solve the problem of sin, God’s own arm achieved salvation for him. He redeems those who repent of their sins, let his Spirit dwell in them, and put his words on their lips to make them his witnesses. This looks forward to the new covenant through God’s Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for sending Jesus, my Redeemer. Please let your Spirit never depart from me and put your words always on my lips.

One Word: The Redeemer has come!