Passage: Matthew 21:1~11  

Keyverse: 5

Jerusalem bustled with people preparing for the Passover. At this time, Jesus intended to manifest himself as the Messiah King to the world according Zechariah’s prophecy. He rode on a donkey and marched into Jerusalem. A king riding on a donkey with no army behind him? It is absurd and even comical. But it undercut the crowd’s expectation for a warlike, conquering king. Rather this portrayed a peaceful and humble king, as the prophecy foretold. Jesus demonstrated that what really mattered in his kingdom is love, not force; humility, not arrogant pride.

The crowd spread their coats and cut branches on the road and shouted, “Hosanna to the Son of David!”—meaning—“Jesus, I beg you to save!” They cried out for salvation, and that’s exactly why Jesus had come. A few days later, Jesus the Savior King would be crucified and raised from the dead to save us from sin and to give us eternal life. Through his triumphal entry, Jesus claimed his rightful place as the Savior King. His kingship is characterized with humility, love, and his own sacrifice for his people. He conquers, not nations, but hearts and minds. As his people, we come to him with an earnest cry, “Hosanna (Save me),” and songs of praise to him. If we don’t praise him, the rocks will.

Prayer: Thank you, Jesus, our humble Savior King. Please saves us from sin and reign over us.

One Word: Jesus is our King