Passage: Matthew 8:1~4  

Keyverse: 3a

1. You can make me clean (1-2)

Many came to Jesus believing that he held the answer to their life problems. A man with leprosy, who probably should have been under quarantine, boldly approached Jesus. Jesus came so that we, too, may be bold to approach him in our deepest and most shameful circumstances, things that we want to hide from others.

2. Be clean! (3-4)

Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. He said, 'I am willing.' Even when we feel like no one can accept us due to our sin and shame, Jesus reaches out to us in our vulnerability and embraces us. There is healing in Jesus' tender love. Jesus' love and mercy heals and cleanses us completely from sin and shame and makes us whole.

Prayer: Lord, may we experience your healing and cleansing power as we come to you. May we also be healers that can love and embrace others in your name.

One Word: Healed by love