Passage: Leviticus 20:1~27  

Key verse: 8

In chapter 20, the Lord gives similar commands as chapter 19, but here he focuses on the judgment. The punishment for some sins is death, and for others, it is to be cut off. God’s absolute attitude demands accountability, for the Lord is clear about protecting the spiritual community. It is not enough to know, believe, and agree with God’s laws. Everyone must practically follow his holy word.

Among these laws, there are two main categories. The first is in regards to worshiping Molek. This was a predominant form of idol worship at the time in Canaan and involved child sacrifices and is why God brought his judgment upon the Canaanites. Idol worship causes people to be controlled by superstition, fear, and demons, and is hard to cure. It binds a whole nation in demonic darkness.

The next group of laws involve inappropriate sexual relationships. These tend to occur along family lines or other close relationships. Sexual sins deeply wound and scar people for life and become curses passed down to the next generation. Sexual sins break down the family and society. Though sexual sins are obviously wrong, people are weak. God is telling them and us clearly, “Stop! Don’t! I will judge you!” We need the Holy Spirit to listen to God’s holy word, deny ourselves, and follow him.

Prayer: Father, grant me Jesus’ grace through the Holy Spirit to follow the Lord’s decrees and be holy.

One Word: Follow God’s holy words practically