Passage: Ephesians 5:15~21  

Keyverse: 15

1. Understand the Lord's will (15-17)

As God's people now, we need to be very careful to live our life wisely before God because the days are evil. In other words, we need to be very conscious of our Christian living, making sure that our motive and actions express our new life in Christ. So then, we are to live wisely by making the most of every opportunity that comes our way to grow in Christ and to share the gospel. We are also to understand what the Lord's will is. We often experience the foolishness of our own will. Those who understand God's will through Bible study and prayer and follow it are truly wise and mature.

2. Be filled with the Spirit (18-21)

Getting drunk on wine leads to debauchery. God's people should instead be filled with the Holy Spirit. God, not we, can fill us with His Spirit, when we are spiritually ready through confession of sin and commitment to Him. Those who are led by the Spirit can sing songs of praise from their heart to the Lord and give thanks to God for everything because God-given joy is in them. They can submit to one another.

Prayer: Lord, help us to make the most of every opportunity for your glory and for our spiritual growth, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

One Word: Live wisely before God