Passage: 1_Corinthians 8:1~13  

Keyverse: 3

1. Knowledge puffs up, love builds up (1-6)

There must have been a question among the Corinthian Christians about whether it was okay to eat food that had been sacrificed to an idol. Paul reminded them that there were many idols, none of which had any value. But there is only one God, through whom all things come. These things God's people know. And they know there was no harm in eating food sacrificed to an idol. But Paul warned that sometimes this knowledge can make us puffed up. Those with this knowledge sometimes look down on those who do not know the gospel, and who might be concerned about eating food that had been sacrificed to an idol. Our knowledge should be tempered with concern for others.

2. …for whom Christ died (7-13)

Those who really know the gospel need to be careful how they act on their knowledge. If those with stronger faith (who know it is no problem eating food sacrificed to idols) eat it in front of someone with weaker faith (who doesn't know this), that may become a stumbling block to the one with weaker faith. We should rather live in a way that will build others up. That is the way of the gospel.

Prayer: Father, bless me to repent from living based on my own knowledge. Help me to live by faith and build others up.

One Word: Love God; be known by God.