Passage: Job 23:1~17  

Key verse: 12

Job responded to Eliphaz by pouring out his heart. Though his complaint was bitter, Job sought God. Job longed to meet God, to plead his case. Job wanted to know the mind of God. Job trusted that God would not condemn him. He saw God as both deliverer and judge.

Job sought God, but God was not to be found—not even a glimpse. Still, Job depended on God who knew him. He followed God’s steps and kept his commands. Job treasured the word of God above all else. This is how he entrusted himself to God.

Job confessed it is God who is ruling all things. So, Job knew that whatever distress he encountered, it was a part of God’s plan. God was carrying out his will. God is the one who made Job’s heart faint. In his misery, Job entrusted himself again to God.

Prayer: Lord, help me to love your word and cling to it in troublesome times. Help me to seek you and trust you always.

One Word: Do not depart from God’s commands