Passage: Job 22:1~30  

Key verse: 21

Eliphaz had spoken to Job previously. At that time, he was patient. This time his words are harsh. He asks Job, “Is it for piety that he rebukes you?” Eliphaz accuses Job of wrongdoing. He assumed that Job had used his position and wealth to trample on the needs of the poor. He assumed that Job’s current suffering was the result of God’s judgment on his transgressions. Eliphaz looked at Job as if Job had lived assuming God does not see or will not judge. He saw Job’s misery and inferred that God was punishing Job for his unrighteousness.

Eliphaz then instructed Job to submit to God in repentance and accept his word. He encouraged Job to depend on God for his restoration and blessing. His words were meant to inspire Job to come to God who delivers. Eliphaz spoke truthfully, but he also spoke from ignorance. He had no idea who God was in the matter of Job, or what God was doing at this time. Eliphaz also needed to submit to God. Otherwise, his words are empty.

Prayer: Lord, help me not to speak empty words, but submit to you in every aspect of my life. Help me to know the depth of your work. Make me useful for revealing you to others.

One Word: Submit to God