Passage: Isaiah 34:1~17  

Key verse: 1

Every person and nation will face God’s judgment. The result of that judgment depends on how we respond to God today. Isaiah 34 is a picture of what will come upon those who reject Christ. God calls upon the nations to pay attention and listen. The world, as we see it now, will be judged. The LORD is angry with all nations because of sin and rebellion. Rebellious people and nations, represented by Edom, will be destroyed. Nature will dissolve. The slaughter of people and the things they trusted in, represented by sheep, cattle, citadels, and strongholds, will be great. Edom will become a wasteland inhabited by unclean animals. Nothing noble will be there; only chaos and desolation will remain forever. It is a picture of hell.

This day of the LORD’s retribution is coming. God will bring this day to uphold the cause of those who have believed on Jesus, represented by Zion. God assures us that there is no other way. He will not change his mind. This is written in “the scroll of the LORD” (16), and nothing will be missed. God has declared the consequences of turning away from him. No one deserves to be saved, but God has provided the way of salvation in Jesus Christ. Pray for others to hear this warning and turn to the Lord Jesus in faith.

Prayer: Father, your judgment is sure. Thank you for Jesus who alone saves us from condemnation. Help us to share this truth with others.

One Word: Come near to the LORD!