Passage: Psalm 87:1~7  

Key verse: 3

The city of Jerusalem, also called “Zion” after the hill it was built on, was the city God chose for his dwelling place among the nation of Israel (1). He meant it to be a holy city from which the knowledge of God would shine out to the world. At the height of Israel’s prosperity, it was a beautiful city. But the true Zion, or New Jerusalem, is the eternal city that will be the dwelling place of all the saved from all nations. This psalm foretells the gospel, saying that people of other nations such as Babylon and Cush would be included among the citizens of this city (4). When we come to Jesus by faith, we are born again, our names are written in the book of life, and we are counted among those born in Zion (6).

The splendor of our eternal heavenly dwelling place is beyond our imagining, but we can hope to see it with eager expectation based on what the Bible tells us of God’s city. It is good for us to meditate on the glory of the heavenly Zion and put our true hope there, not on earthly things.

Prayer: Thank you for your grace in Jesus that gives us a birthright in the heavenly city. Thank you for all the glorious things you tell us!

One Word: We will see glorious, eternal Zion