Passage: 1_Timothy 6:3~10  

Keyverse: 6

1. Godly teaching (3-5)

Clinging to the word of God and the sound instruction of Jesus-godly teaching-is the only way to serve God. Those who wander from the truth or attempt to add to it become nothing. Teaching something other than the word of Jesus only creates division and corrupts people's thinking. Godliness is not a means to financial gain; it is a means to eternal life in the kingdom of God.

2. We will be content (6-10)

The greatest gain is godliness with contentment. If we have food, clothes, and shelter, we should be content. We brought nothing into the world; we can take nothing out. People who measure everything in terms of money cannot be happy. The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil and causes people grief; the love of God produces joy and contentment in our hearts.

Prayer: Lord, protect my heart from running after worthless things. Teach me godliness with contentment.

One Word: Love God, not money