Guatemala UBF Easter Conf. Prayer Topics

by WMD   03-26-2011   0 reads

Guatemala UBF will have a Easter Conference from April 21 to 24.

Main messengers are DAVID KIM,  EDWAR TI,  DIMAS BLANCO and JOSUE HAM.
Dr. Abraham Gilberto Salazar will deliver an opening message. Karina and Rosario will be morning messengers. We pray for 12 new students and altogether 60 members to attend the conference. I pray for more than 35 attendance from my fellowship, "Source of blessing." We want to invite new students from Dental school meeting at 1 p.m. on Wednesday and Medical school meeting at noon of Thursday. My daughter Sarah will graduate from high school this end of May and we pray for her to be accepted to either San Carlos Medical school, or dental school or military Academy. We pray for 8 members from Guatemala UBF to attend world misson report and 50th anniversary in Korea.