Yekaterinburg UBF Summer Bible Conference Report

by WMD   09-04-2011   0 reads

I give thanks to God who accepted all of his beloved servants’ prayers and richly blessed our Russia-Ural Summer Bible conference. From August 27-29, our summer conference was held at a beautiful forest preserve. All six of our leaders delivered a message. For about one and a half months during this summer, they prepared their messages with sincere prayers. The Holy Spirit greatly blessed our summer conference. Through these messengers, the gospel of Jesus’ cross and resurrection was so powerfully proclaimed that all the attendees deeply repented of their sins through Jesus and restored their love relationship with God and could taste the joy of heaven. Moreover, five leaders among our women wholeheartedly prepared for the symposium and made the words of God even more full of grace for the audience.

We had prayed a lot for Bible students, and God answered our prayers and sent 6 new students to our conference. They listened to the words of God and understood Jesus’ grace and truth and became full of joy. 

I thank God that through this conference, God revealed his glory and is raising Russian spiritual leaders. Please pray for them to be good shepherds and Bible teachers for Russian campus intellectuals who are under the power of sin and darkness. Thank you for your prayers.

M. David L.