(JAPAN) Tokai UBF Sent Out Pioneering Missionaries to Sapporo UBF on May 14th, 2023

by UBF HQ   05-23-2023   0 reads

by Abraham P.

On May 14th, there was a worship service to send missionaries Jeremiah and Lith K. from Tokai UBF to pioneer Hokkaido Sapporo. Since 2011, Missionary Jeremiah K.'s family has served Keio University, praying together at 9:00 every evening as members of Tokai UBF. In the meantime, M. Jeremiah has steadily served the Bible study for the second gens, and in 2022, he has supported and served three AI engineers in Korea. We give thanks to God, who is doing the new pioneering work for Hokkaido through M. Jeremiah’s family. I pray that God may use M. Jeremiah Kim's family preciously to pioneer Hokkaido University and raise many disciples on campus.