(GERMANY) Bonn City, Aschaffenburg, and Koblenz UBF Had a Joint Spring Conference Titled "Living Hope"

by UBF HQ   05-22-2023   0 reads

by Stephanus P. Bonn City UBF

Living Hope

We thank God for the Joint Spring Conference! We renewed our Living Hope in Jesus through John 20, 21, and 1 Peter 1, 2. We are also thankful for our decision to do campus discipleship through the one-on-one Bible study. Junior shepherds and missionaries were the main speakers, and they did their best to prepare and deliver graceful messages. The second-generation missionaries actively organized the environment with stewardship and served the children well even though they were in the midst of college studies and graduation exams. M*ary from Holland, A*ndre from Koblenz, and F*rank from München presented graceful life testimonies and message reflections.

Mary S. from SNU3 UBF in Korea attended the Conference, and M. Daniel P. from Düsseldorf came to the Conference and encouraged us. Dr. John J. and Byun D. of SNU 3 UBF and other coworkers served Bible study and prayer from the beginning of the preparation period of the conference. We pray that the pioneers of Bonn City UBF, Aschaffenburg, and Koblenz campuses may serve the disciple-making for the students whom God would entrust to them through 1:1 Bible study and that they may raise many disciples of Jesus for world mission. And we pray for M*ary from Holland, who is being served by M. Peter and Susi H., may build a house church by the Lord's grace and be used as a source of blessing in the Netherlands.