(COLOMBIA) Colombia UBF had Their Easter Conference Titled "With Jesus, You Will Understand the Scriptures", from April 4-6, 2023

by UBF HQ   05-01-2023   0 reads

by M. Andre P.

With Jesus, You Will Understand the Scriptures

Colombia UBF held their Easter Conference from April 4-6 at Hacienda Almeida Real, located in Chinauta, one hour from Bogotá, where they could enjoy a warm climate and fresh air. The title of the conference was "With Jesus, You Will Understand the Scriptures," based on Luke 24:45 "He opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures." Thirteen people joined the conference, including three college students: Santiago, Diana, and Sahilys. They pray for a spiritual revival among college students in Colombia so that Colombia can be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.

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