(SOUTH AFRICA) Pretoria UBF had a Blessed Easter Conference Fully Lead by Native Leaders, 2023

by UBF HQ   05-01-2023   0 reads

by Abia K.

God blessed the Easter Conference of Pretoria UBF in South Africa. This year they almost did not have an Easter conference because all the conference venues were fully booked for the date they had chosen. They prayerfully asked God for direction. Then they decided to change the date to after the Easter Holidays. That’s when they could find the Conference Venue. This year’s Easter Conference was attended by 50 adults and 12-second gens.

The conference preparation started 6 weeks earlier with many prayers. They had two conference prayer meetings each week, and short messages were served at each prayer meeting. As they prepare for the handing over of the ministry from the missionaries to local shepherds, they found it fitting that the local shepherds assume the responsibility of preparing the conference with minimal involvement of missionaries. For many years the missionaries took full responsibility and leadership in preparing the conferences. It is not that the missionaries are tired or leaving the ministry but for local shepherds to learn more about the serving spirit. By assuming responsibility, they could learn from their mistakes and learn independence rather than relying on the missionaries. They could also learn to depend on God and grow in their life of faith. They had three main messages. On the first day in the evening, Acene delivered the message from  Luke 5:17-32 with the title, “Jesus has come to call sinners.” On the second day, Brian delivered the message from John 3:1-21 with the title, “For God so loved the world.” On the last day of the conference, John delivered the message from 1 Peter 2:1-12 with the title “Crave pure Spiritual milk.”

Through this conference, God helped them to establish two new messengers, Acene and Brian. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, they could prepare and deliver the messages powerfully and with conviction. New group bible study leaders were established as well. They pray that they may grow to be faithful shepherds of God’s flock. Testimonies were shared by young members. They wrote sincere testimonies, each according to how the Word has impacted her/him. Refilwe wrote and shared her graceful life testimony. Their hearts were moved as she repented her sins and forgave those who had harmed her. Mpho and Rejoice served the Second Gens. They presented a drama based on Jesus’ crucifixion and presented a special song as well. May God raise them to become men and women who walk before the Lord.

Prayer topics:
1. Ministry leadership succession to Abia K.
2. Books of Proverbs and James
3. 40 regular 1:1 bible study per week
4. Raise 2 Shepherds and 2 house churches
5. CBF to grow in His Word and Grace