(HQ-UPDATE) Prayer Topics for HQ Programs

by UBF HQ   06-01-2023   0 reads

  • Emerging Leaders Cohort (ELC) program: 
    Please pray for the team Foxtrot (6th cohort) in the first-year program. Pray for them to grow in the knowledge and image of Jesus Christ and be equipped as ministers of Christ. Also, pray for the team Echo who are in the 2nd year of the program.

  • HQ Online School Program: 
    HQ Online School Program is designed to support and equip UBF leaders and local UBF ministries. For winter/spring 2023, three courses are offered: Communication in Marriage; Biblical Hermeneutics in terms of the New Testament; Christian Apologetics: Defending Faith Winsomely in an Age of Relativism. Please pray for God’s blessing upon this program.

  • Online Forum: 
    May God continue to bless our online forums to be edifying and encouraging to many UBF coworkers. Please pray for the Online Forum Task Force (led by Dr. Ezra C.).

  • Vision Academy for the Next Generation:
    Summer course registration started at https://academy.visionubf.org/courses.
  1. Discipleship Outside the Box: Discover Vision for Your Life and Others (John Lee, Springfield, USA).
  2. The Vision of God's Kingdom through the Book of Acts (John Kim, France)
  3. God and Money: Biblical Perspectives and Principles (Daniel Lee, Shippensburg, USA)
    Please pray that the Academy (led by Dr. Daniel Lee) may continue to offer biblically based courses that address practical and challenging issues for the 2nd gen and other youth in our ministry.
  • Vision Camp:
    In-person Vision Camp 2023 will be held the week before the ISBC on July 27 - August 3, 2023, at Camp CILCA which is approximately 3.5 hours south of Chicago. The theme will be "Grasping God's Vision: from Jacob to Israel". Registration is now open at visioncampubf.org.

  • Gap Year Program:
    The Gap Year Program is available for young people in our community (https://gapyear.ubf.org/). Please let the young people in your chapter know about this opportunity. May God bless UBF Gap Year Program to benefit many young people in our community. (Questions: UBFgapyear@gmail.com).

  • Short-term Mission Program:
    Short-term mission trips are available during summer. A couple of students are going to Thailand and a group of 2nd gens are going to Kirgizstan this summer for short-term missions. A few UBF chapters in Latin America also expressed their interest in hosting short-term mission students. If you are interested in a short-term mission trip this summer, email UBFgapyear@gmail.com. We pray that God may grow and bless our short-term mission programs to raise disciples of Jesus among young people!

  • Mission Revival Movement:
    A weekly prayer meeting for mission revival is held on every Wednesday morning (led by M. David Kim and Martin Mun). Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as they pray and prepare for this movement.