(KENYA) Many Were Healed and Cared for in Kenya's 14th Healing Mission, from January 23-26, 2023

by UBF HQ   02-08-2023   0 reads

by J*ames L*ee

The 14th healing mission took place in the Busia district located on the border of Kenya from January 23-26, 2023. Just before the mission, the Ebola virus broke out in Uganda. But by the grace of God, the Ebola outbreak ended and the Covid 19 calmed down. 38 people (30 from South Korea, 1 from Russia, and 7 from Uganda) joined the camp. They treated 2,369 patients for 4 days. 2 dentists attended to 130 patients, and one general surgeon operated on 22 patients. Young college students including 2nd gens participated in the camp very actively. They helped with the work of the pharmacy and served drama, education, playing soccer, nail art, etc. All of them said in one voice, "It is hard but joyful." D*avid P*ark who was in charge of the healing mission said, "It was the best healing mission among all medical camps since 2007 because all participants did their best." They glorified God and confessed, "God does his work through this healing mission." Thank God for granting them good weather and health to serve the healing mission successfully.