(USA) LA UBF Had a Succession Ceremony on January 1st, 2023

by UBF HQ   01-10-2023   0 reads

by D*avid W P*ark

On January 1st, LA UBF held a succession ceremony. W*illiam L*arsen succeeded Pastor J*ohn K*won as Pastor. And Missionary D*avid P*ark as Associate Pastor. General Director Pastor R*on W*ard delivered a New Year's message for the pre-succession service. There was a deep appreciation for Pastor J*ohn K*won's service to LA UBF for 10 years. And Pastor R*on Ward, I*saac K*im, J*ohn K*won, and J*ohn B*aik offered words of encouragement and prayed for the two new pastors. May God bless the new leadership and LA UBF to continue to do powerful campus disciple-making ministry and world mission.