(USA) God Raised 15 Student Disciples in West LA UBF

by UBF HQ   11-23-2022   0 reads

By P*aul Chin

God blessed West LA UBF abundantly by raising 15 students as disciples of Jesus by November 13, 2022. Their names are E*mily Escobar, J*essica Brannan, L*orena Mandujano, E*unice McIlhenny, L*aila Aguilar, S*tephanie Gomez-Najera, D*elphine Ndlovu, A*nthony Brannan, R*yan Hurd, J*ose Quinonez, J*osh Isip, J*oshua Estrada, G*ary Padilla, R*ohit Alex, and E*rik Herrera. Currently around 70 people including 28 college students are joining Sunday worship service. Please continue to pray for West LA UBF's disciple-making ministry.