(ARGENTINA) Five Graduates (Buenos Aires UBF) Completed the Discipleship Course "The Cost of Discipleship"

by UBF HQ   11-02-2022   0 reads

By C*aleb Kuper

On Sunday October 23, Buenos Aires UBF celebrated five graduates who completed the discipleship course "The Cost of Discipleship" over the past several months. The five graduates are, A*lonso Ascoy, S*andra Atencio Ccahuana, V*ictoria Reinaldo, J*osé Moon and his coworker S*ara Ponce. D*aniela will also graduate after completing a final test. We read and discussed concepts such as cheap grace vs. costly grace and the simple faith and obedience of a child. We must lay hold of and commit to the costly grace that cost the life of Jesus Christ, God's only son. We must have a heart and faith like a child to trust and obey Jesus. We thank God for his wonderful work in each of our graduates. Now they are preparing for a Bible Academy in November. Each of them will give a talk on the Christian classic Baptism and Fullness: The Work of the Holy Spirit Today by John Stott. Most of them participate in evangelism and discipleship, the praise and worship team and testimony sharing every Saturday. These are all beautiful signs that the kingdom of God is advancing in and through Buenos Aires UBF in Argentina. Praise God! 

Left to Right: C*aleb, S*andra, S*ara, J*ose, V*ictoria with Baby T*omi, A*lonso, & M*arcos

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