(Japan) Thanksgiving Service of Tokai UBF with new Center Dedication

by UBF HQ   09-07-2022   0 reads

Genesis 17:5 "No longer will you be called Abram; your name will be Abraham, for I have made you a father of many nations."

On August 28, we held a thanksgiving service for the move of Tokai Center with God's guidance and blessing. M. D*aniel Jung, the Japanese UBF Coordinator, came and delivered a message based on Genesis 17, “Your name will be Abraham.” In the message, M. Daniel declared that a small decision to circumcise the heart is the way of blessing, believing in Almighty God who said, “I will do it.” The Tokyo Center co-workers came to the thanksgiving service, and many local co-workers attended the Zoom and gave blessings.

Tokai UBF had rented a room shared with students to have Sunday worship service for 26 years. This year, we prayed to move our center to where we can pray and praise freely. However, we had hard time to relocate to another place. On the day we decided to have a prayer meeting about the issue of relocation of our center in April, police came because of noise from our Sunday worship service. Something that had never happened in the past 26 years happened on the day. All the co-workers prayed and pushed forward to relocate the center. But there was no suitable location to find a church place. We just found only a place that we could rent, but the cost was very high and we postponed to rent the place. However, God encouraed us in John 17 that we may become one with one heart in prayer. After that, God allowed us to find a spacious place to worship. All of us worked together with joy to remodel it and could have the thanksgiving service.

We believe in Almighty God who said, “I will do it.” We pray that the Almighty God who made Abram into Abraham Himself will greatly bless the Tokai campus and the history of salvation in Japan.