(E*GYPT) A*ssuit, E*gypt UBF Ministry Report

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A*ssuit, E*gypt UBF Ministry Report

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to report to you about the trip we are taking by car to: (1) Share M*amdouhSaleh’s report on the work of God in the E*gypt A*ssuit Chapter, to (2) raise awareness of our coworkers’ situation in E*gypt, and to (3) pray for their urgent need of a Bible House for the Lord’s growing work there.

After sharing his E*gypt report to Chicago UBF on Friday, August 5th, 2022 (and attending the Chicago Sunday Worship Service on the 7th), M*amdouhSaleh, C*arl Heusel (Triton Chapter), B*en Toh (West Loop Chapter) and myself (NA Coordinator) set off to visit some of the UBF chapters that offered to host us and to hear of what the Lord has been doing among our UBF family in E*gypt.

Our first stop was the Philadelphia chapter. We visited the Philadelphia chapter on Thursday August 11th, 2022. Our Philly UBF Chapter really lives up to its name’s sake— the city, or we should say — the Fellowship of Brotherly Love. There was no end to the hospitality of J*ames and A*ngela Rho’s family— literally no end! Their love for Christ and his people overflows to all those whom the Lord entrusts to their care. And when our team became their “trust," they went out of their way to serve us. They even went as far as to rearrange their lives and change their schedules in order to accommodate us on a moment’s notice. And so did the other families who joined our meeting in one of Philly’s ancient churches where our Philadelphia coworkers meet until their own difficult Bible House situation is resolved. It was an honor and a privilege to see and to have fellowship with some of God’s great servants: M*oses Kim, M*oses Noh, M*ark Yang, J*oshua Kim and their families and many others who came a long way to share in M*amdouh’s report and to earnestly pray for the work of God in E*gypt. M*amdouh was overwhelmed with their Christ-like hospitality. May the Lord continue to use J*ames’ family in His great salvation work in Philadelphia, North America and the whole world.

Our second stop was the Baltimore I Chapter. We visited the Baltimore I Chapter the next day, Friday August 12th, 2022, to attend their Friday group Bible study and to share M*amdouh's E*gypt report with our family there. P*aul Sambuco and his dear coworker F*aith are one of the most faithful and Christ-centered families in our church community. They are both shepherds like Jesus in every sense of the word, tending the Lord’s pasture and serving his flock with his Living Word and loving kindness. Their Bible study fellowship is attentive, engaged and lively, especially since P*aul passionately engages the word of God and shares it with deep conviction. F*aith is like a mother tigress watching and praying over the people of God. And their fellowship wouldn’t be the same without their daughter G*race who seems to have inherited her parents' spiritual legacy. E*lijah Park of Washington UBF along with several other brothers and sisters joins their online group study where everyone gets a chance to participate. M*amdouh was deeply privileged to have had this rare opportunity to fellowship with them and to share his ministry’s prayer topics with them. May the Lord Almighty continue to extend his grace and mercy on this most beautiful of fellowships.

Our third stop was Washington UBF in our Capital. The Washington UBF chapter hosted us gladly and with open arms. Their generous hospitality is typical of a chapter of their caliber— a chapter that has served, raised and sent out many pioneer disciples of Jesus and Gospel workers into the world. The Washington Chapter is indeed one of the pillars of holy faith and mission on which the gospel work is built and upon which our UBF ministry stands. Their exemplary gospel centered and fruitful ministry was passed down by the founders, J*acob and E*sther Lee, to P*hilip and S*arah Brown whose labor in the Lord has continued to see the ministry blossom and grow under this precious family’s leadership. Furthermore, our Washington UBF missionary and disciple families have been and still are the backbone of this large and vibrant ministry, each one of them serving with love as well as with the many godly talents they each seem to have. It was my first time to hear E*zra Cho preach. He delivered a deeply inspired message on Acts 27. After that, M*amdouh shared his report with our Washington UBF family who were eager to hear about the remarkable work the Lord is doing in E*gypt— a land hostile to the Lord and to His Gospel message. They were also eager to pray for our struggling A*ssuit-UBF family in E*gypt.

May the Lord continue to extend his hand of blessing on our Washington chapter and on all the families who labor to serving the Lord’s work there. This week (August 15-21), we plan on visiting other chapters on our route. We will continue to report to our global UBF family on whose prayers we rely for the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst and around the world. Amen.

T*eddy Hembekides NA Coordinator