(VENEZUELA) Caracas UBF Was Encouraged to Persevere in Running the Race of Faith With Eyes Fixed on Jesus During Their Disciples Conference

by UBF HQ   08-16-2022   0 reads

By H*ugo Hurtado

Caracas UBF had a disciples conference from August 6-7, 2022 with the title “Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus” (Hebrews 12:2). The opening message "Advance to the Goal Without Looking Back" was delivered by Y*urmerys Bolaños, and the main message was given by H*emmer Alvarez. We learned about the importance of persevering in running the race with our eyes fixed on Jesus. Thank God who led the entire day by the Holy Spirit and raised up C*arlos Araujo, M*irta Rúa, M*arilyn Ferreira, Y*ajaira Portillo, S*olangely Cedeño and O*maira Ferreira as new disciples of Jesus Christ. They shared precious testimonies about their transformed lives by the Gospel. We pray that they may preciously serve God with their gifts and talents.

We ask for prayers for our 2022 Summer Conference "He Is Your Peace" from September 1-4,  specifically for the participation of 50 Bible students and growing disciples, for the messengers E*llana, J*osé Cecilio, J*osé Juan, E*uker, S*amuel, W*uidiana, H*oliver and O*swaldo, and for the testimonies and special activities.

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