(UPDATE-6/8) Please Pray for Dr. J*ames Hong's (USA) Chemotherapy

by UBF HQ   06-08-2022   0 reads

Dr. J*ames Hong began to receive chemotherapy to stop the growth of cancer. He also had a vocal cord surgery to restore his aspiration function and voice. May God have mercy on him and heal him through the treatments! He prays to live by faith without fear every day.

Dr. J*ames Hong got the brain and spine MRI results on Monday, May 16. Several new spots were found in the brain and some of the previously radiation-treated spots grew bigger, and there is also a spreading of cancer cells in the spine. Since the current targeted drug is not fully effective, he will start chemotherapy next week. It is to inject cancer drugs intravenously every three weeks. Please pray for him to overcome cancer and live by faith without fear.