(KENYA) Kenya UBF Leaders Were Spiritually Revived After Attending The 2022 Easter Bible Conference Titled "Young Man, Get Up!"

by UBF HQ   05-02-2022   0 reads

By J*uma Fuchingo
Kenya UBF had their first in-person conference on April 16-17, 2022 since the pandemic. The title of the Easter Bible conference was "Young Man, Get Up!" based on Luke 7:14. The conference was geared towards leaders and their spiritual revival. A total of 50 members attended the conference, and 30 attended the CBF program.

J*uma Fuchingo served the opening message from Isaiah 43:14-28 titled "See I am Doing a New Thing," and C*osmas Larisa shared the first main message titled "Young Man, Get Up!" F*redrick Odhiambo gave the second main message based on Isaiah 53:1-12 "By His Wounds, We Are Healed." The last main message was delivered by K*ennedy Onyango on John 21:1-17, "Feed My Sheep." Two testimonies were shared by graduate members at the end of each message. The full Easter Bible conference report is attached below.

Our prayer topics are:
1. To restore full in-person Sunday worship service
2. For leaders to faithfully go on campus and disciple at least one student
3. For the succession of our ministry by the end of this year

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