(RUSSIA) D*eukhyeon Kang Will Be Presenting Lectures on the Book of Revelation For the Next Two Weeks

by UBF HQ   04-05-2022   0 reads

By D*avid Lee

On Wednesday March 30, 2022, D*eukhyeon Kang gave a special lecture on the book of Revelation for Korean missionaries in the CIS, Asia, and Oceania.

The lectures will be held once a week for 4 weeks. In the first lecture, he presented the introduction to Revelation, the whole flow of the book using diagrams, and the meanings of the symbols.

On April 13 and 20, he will present the problems of dispensational premillennialism and understandings of the key contents of each chapter. May the Lord grant good health and spiritual strength to K*ang. May our missionaries learn to intepret and understand Revelation to serve God's work in accordance to His will.