(URGENT NEWS!-UPDATE 3/17) - Please Pray for Brothers and Sisters in U*_kraine (English / Korean)

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1. John & Maria P. are serving English Bible study for the second gens and m_ission_ries in Budapest, Hungary. M. John delivered a Sunday worship message on 1Peter chapter 1. Please pray for them to have a good health and peace in their hearts.

[K_i_v Leaders]
1. O's family and U_krai_ian students (5 people) came to P_rague, C_zech Republic from P_oland. J_acob's family also arrived safely in P_rague via P_oland after 4 days of travel. They met K's family who had come to P_rague before and had fellowship with tears. They received one year of C_zech visa and medical insurance card. Their children could enroll in school. M's family came from Germany to Prague to support the Ukrainian brothers and sisters.
2. M and her second son D crossed the border to stay at their relative's house in G_ermany.
3. S and S's family passed the border and are on the way to S_lovakia via R_omania. M. P's family are supporting them.
4. L got a surgery for cerebral hemorrhage last month in K_i_v. J succeeded in obtaining a train ticket for her and she will go to her hometown. J stayed in K_i_v. Please pray for their health and safety.
5. A and V with their three children plan to go to S_lovakia from the western region.
6. N and her family are going to the west.
7. N and A's family (6 children) stayed in K_i_v to do volunteer work. Please pray for their safety.
8. A's family arrived well in C_roatia on Saturday, March 7. M. J_oseph and M_aria in Croatia supported them wholeheartedly.

[O_de_sa Leaders]
1. 5 families in O_de_sa leaders were evacuated and 17 O_de_sa leaders who have still stayed in the city are joining Bible study and Sunday worship service. They all joined the last Bible study and received the word of God desperately. The leaders who left the country also will join the Bible study. Some brothers are returning to O_de_sa after taking their families to their hometowns. They are suffering greatly from hardship on the road. May God comfort and protect them. May God strengthen the O_de_sa leaders with the word of God.
2. Leader 'A' joined the army. Please pray for his safety.

1. I's family went to S_lovakia and is under the care of M. Paul's family.


[O_dessa Leaders]
Our beloved brother 'A' will join the military. He is a very influencial spiritual leader among us. May God protect him and use him to spread out the gospel.
우리의 영적가족인 'A' 목자가 군대에 입소하게 됩니다. 그의 안전과 생명을 지키시고 복음의 전파자로 써 주시도록 기도합니다. 


By J*ohn Seo 

1. J*ohn & M*aria P. are in Budapest, Hungary cared for by A*ndrew K. and his family. They had Sunday Worship Service with P_odil leaders online on Feb. 27. May God give them good health and peace in their hearts.
2. D* & H*annah (Choi) S. with their three children arrived safely in Atlanta. They were picked up by S*amuel C, H*annah's older brother.
3. M* and Rebekah G* with their children arrived safely in S. Korea.
4. P*eter & S*arah K (K_iev) are praying for and supporting K_iev UBF leaders and U_raine people in various respects in S. Korea.
5. J*ohn & G*race L. (O_dessa) are supporting O_dessa UBF leaders with Genesis Bible study from S. Korea.
6. P* arrived safely in T_urkey. E*liasz P. (P_oland) is assisting many coworkers from U_kraine.

[K_iev Leaders]
1. K* with their children arrived safely in Prague, Czech Republic. May God give them rest and strength.
2. M* and her second son will go to Germany through Prague.
3. J*'s family (4 members) goes to Prague via P_oland and will stay at H*annah S's house.
4. A*'s family is in Budapest, H_ungary under the care of A*ndrew K. They will go to Croatia because A* will work at a company there. Please pray for their youngest child who is sick.
5. J* came safely to K_iev from L_viv.
6. Please pray for J*, L*, S*, O*, N*, A*, V*.
7. Please pray for A*'s father, D*'s mother, S*'s mother, P*'s brother and their protection.

[O_dessa Leaders]
1. T* and two children are going to R_omania.
2. Please pray for A*'s family to be protected.
3. Our Vietnamese brothers will go to R_omania.

[P_odil Leaders]
1. Please continue to pray for D*, P*, Dr. M* and Y*, and other members of P_odil, UBF.
2. Please pray for our U_raine members to be protected by the strong hand of God. Please pray for God's mercy and grace on U_raine.

[Financial Supports]
The Chicago HQ, Korea HQ, European coworkers, and our coworkers worldwide are supporting our U_kraine coworkers financially. Please pray for God's protection and provision for them.

*Donation site for Ukrainian brothers and sisters 



Thank you for your none-stop prayers for the brothers and sisters in U*_raine. In spite of exteme difficulties, they kept the Sunday services in O*d_ssa and K*_yiv, and other parts in U*_kraine with Bible studies and prayers together with scattered members. We can hear from J*ohn L. of O*_dessa in U*_raine;

Last night (Feb. 27, Sat) we studied Genesis as scheduled with brothers and sisters in O*_dessa. About 30 members attended. It seemed that all attendees received the word of God better than ever. And they fasted one meal daily and started relay fasting prayers. After the Bible study, we prayed based on Jeremiah 18:7-10, “If at any time I announce that a nation or kingdom is to be uprooted, torn down and destroyed, and if that nation I warned repents of its evil, then I will relent and not inflict on it the disaster I had planned. And if at another time I announce that a nation or kingdom is to be built up and planted, 10 and if it does evil in my sight and does not obey me, then I will reconsider the good I had intended to do for it.”

Here are our prayer topics based on Jeremiah 18:7-10
1. May each one stand before the Lord overcoming fear, anger, or despair with contrite hearts before God and God’s protection for brothers and sisters and family members

2. We all including the U*_krainian people may rely upon God only
3. U*_raine and R*_ssia may be kingdom of priests and holy nations

At the end of the prayer meeting, suddenly a missile bombardment occurred in the neighborhood near the center. We were so shocked, but we kept sharing prayer topics and three shepherds prayed as representative prayers in the midst of difficulties.

Please pray for us to keep our Sunday worship service. We believe that we will have victory of faith in Jesus. This war will pass soon, but the kingdom of God is advancing through our brothers and sisters of faith in both countries.

We are crying when we think of the sufferings of many brothers and sisters and with their family members who are severely suffering under the shortages of food and electricity day by day. We all pray that the Lord may give them grace and mercy that the war may be ended as soon as possible and God’s peace may come.


*The remaining brothers and sisters in U*_raine have prayer meetings at 12pm daily. 
*M. R*ebekah K. passed the border and safely arrived with her three children to another country and her husband M*att also passed the border and will join the family soon. Thank you for your prayer! 


Our prayer for U*_krainian brothers and sisters matters a great deal at this time. Whenever we gather for fellowship meetings, campus meetings, one-to-one Bible studies and in our own quiet times, please pray:

1. Our Lord Jesus may fill our brothers and sisters in U*_kraine with the Holy Spirit and empower them to stand firm in Christ and to preach the gospel
2. Almighty God may protect his precious servants with his mighty hand and keep them from harm and provide for them
3. God's righteousness and justice may prevail over evil and bring about the end of this war and true peace

For your information, many UBF house church leaders throughout Europe are praying for U*_krainian brothers and sisters and some have welcomed those who had to evacuate into their homes: Andrew K. in H*_ungary, J*ohn J. in R*_omania, E*lijah P. in P*_oland, H*annah S in the C*_zeche R*epublic. European UBF leaders are ready to sacrifice and serve in any way necessary to support those in need right now. In addition, UBF HQ, under the guidance of our General Director, P. Moses Yoon, is standing by ready to offer any further support that is necessary.
Pray for those who stayed in K*_yiv.  They are all in bomb shelters. They are bombing K*_yiv.

1. In K*_yiv: about 20 brothers and sisters with their families
2. In other place in U*_kraine: about 20 brothers and sisters with their families 
3. Out of the country: about 8 people in P*_oland 
4. Some fathers and brothers of the remaining disciples in U*_kraine joined the military service. Please pray for their safety.


By M. R*ebekah K.

Bombs were dropped on O*d_ssa, one of the big cities in U*_raine and all flights were canceled. My husband Matt and I, along with our three kids, are hurriedly heading to R*_mania by car from O*d_ssa. Yesterday, a state of emergency was declared in U*_raine, and it was passed by the national assembly. Now the government is waiting to pass the homeland reserve forces to recruit all men from the age 18 to 49 into the U_rainian army. I worry about Matt being able to pass the U*_raine border even though he was exempted from the conscription before. Please pray for M*att to pass the border and arrive safely to R*_mania. We also do not have PCR certificates of the corona virus test which may cause difficulties to pass the U*_raine and R*_mania borderline. May God have mercy on us and protect us in the midst of this difficult situation.

오뎃사에 폭탄투하되어 항공편취소되어서 자동차로 루마니아로 출발합니다.
잘 통과할 수있도록, 마태목자님 대기명령이 곧 발표되는데 그 전에 빨리나오도록 기도부탁합니다. 어제 우크라이나에 비상사태가 선포되어 국회통과 되었습니다.
예비군 동원과 18세 부터 49세 남성출국 금지가 지금 통과되기를 기다리고 있습니다. 마태목자님은 군면제인데 국경에서 어떻게 될지 모르겠습니다.
마태목자님이 같이 나올수 있게 기도해 주시고 pcr음성확인서가 없는데 루마니아 입국에 문제 없을 수있게 기도해 주세요

Pray for Our Coworkers

By Pastor Ron

As you know, war has broken out in Eastern Europe. M. J*ohn and M*aria P*eace had been in Lviv, U*_raine (in the far west of the nation) staying with the parents of their Bible students. Last night, they traveled to H*_ngary and passed through the border to safety. They are now in B*_dapest, H*_ngary with M. A*ndrew K and they are praying for God's direction and guidance. Thank God for protecting them. Please pray for those who remain in the P*_odil chapter, especially V*lad and D*asha. The family of L*yosha and N*atalka plan to leave K*_iev on Saturday.

In the K*_iev chapter, P. J*acob P and all brothers and sisters (J*onathan's family, A*braham V's family, S*tanislov's family, and others) are safe for the moment. Bombs are dropping at key areas in the city and they feel the effect. They may travel to small villages to stay with parents and other relatives, which is safer than staying in K*_iev.

In O*_dessa, there are local shepherd families who need God's protection and strength and guidance. M*att and R*ebekah G. are trying to leave U*_kraine, driving to R*_omana.

Let's pray that our mighty God may intervene to protect innocent people and bring a swift end to the conflict. Let's pray that our brothers and sisters in harm's way may be strengthened in their faith in our Almighty God who is the Sovereign Ruler of all, and find peace and grace in him. May God have mercy on us all.


By P*eter K
Our m*_issionaries in U*_kraine moved to their home countries or other places due to the evacuation orders of American and Korean governments.

M*_issionary P*eter K. in K*_iev, who reported the current situation of U*_kraine in different broadcasts and radios (Watch his interview on a Korean Media), withdrew to South Korea on last Wednesday. His wife M*_issionary S*arah had left for Korea before him and is doing self-quarantine. M*_issionary H*annah S. is staying in P*_rague, C*_zech Republic with D*ima and their children. May God prevent war and give peace to this country. Please pray for our disciples and Bible students to be protected.