Sick Coworkers (COVID)

by UBF Prayer Room staff   01-24-2022   0 reads

S. John Giesbrecht and his family (Montreal): S. John Giesbrecht was discharged from the hospital. He is now at home and recovering from his covid induced pneumonia. His condition is improving. Thank God for all God's people's prayers. Prayer for John to build up his lung capacity in keeping with daily exercise. A couple of people in Montreal UBF got covid - Melissa Christopher and Annie Doran. Their symptoms were not severe. May the Lord grant each of them a full recovery.

M. J*ohn and M*ariaPeace (Podil, Ukraine) are visiting Chicago and tested Covid 19 positive. May God heal them completely and go back to their mission field healthy. 

Several coworkers and their families in the Middle East contracted Covid but were healed by God’s grace. Please pray for them to be recovered to their full strength.

There are many others who tested positive in our community recently. Please pray for them to recover without any complications and aftereffects. Please continue to pray for S. Paul Nah (Jongro 7, Korea), S. M*atthewGerus (Odesa, Ukraine), and David Lee (New York) to be fully recovered.