(HQ WOMEN'S COHORT-UPDATE) Introducing a New Women's Cohort (WEW)

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WEW (Women encouraging women) and LBC (Love Bible Counseling) teams worked together this week. G*race S Lee and A*ngela Roh presented biblical soul care session 2 this morning on September 18. Thank God for building the community in Jesus.

<WEW Introduction>

Women Encouraging Women (WEW) is a UBF Headquarters cohort created to support, encourage, and inspire North American women leaders spanning the ages of 18-55. This cohort will be composed of tracks of varied subjects that will last anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks and meet for 1.5 hours for each session. Each cohort would ideally have 10 cohort members who commit to the duration of the entire track. During our time together, we hope to develop deep genuine friendships through times of instruction, discussion, fellowship, and prayer. 

We are pleased to announce the first track of WEW. Love Bible Counseling (led by Dr. Grace S. Lee and others; web: lovebible.live) is partnering with WEW of the UBF to offer an 8 lesson curriculum called "Biblical Soul Care" starting from Saturday, Sept 4th. We welcome the partnership. The cohort will meet for 1.5 hours every other Saturday for 8 sessions. Here is a brief explanation of the track:

Like sheep, Christians do struggle and wander from time to time. Therefore, we need our good shepherd Jesus who helps us through his word and care (John 10:11; Psalm 119:176). We also need one another for encouragement, comfort, and accountability. Our eight-week Biblical Soul Care sessions can equip Christians with practical Biblical principles to develop the ability to care like Christ, address common struggles, and have a greater impact in the universal church.

If you are interested in joining this first track, please contact us at wewcohort@gmail.com  (L*iz Hembekides) by Sunday, August 28. We expect to fill up fast, so contact us soon!

The WEW Cohort team


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