(CHILDREN'S EDUCATION/UPDATE) Next Generation Series - Who & How are the Next Generation?

by UBF HQ   07-12-2021   0 reads

We published the series of next-generation education written by Missionary Isaac Y. Choi (Chicago UBF Children's Ministry / UBF HQ New Generation). He has been serving Chicago UBF Children's Ministry for more than 30 years as a teacher and a principal. 


Writer’s note: During the pandemic, my “Family discipleship” lecture has inspired me this subject, “The next generation,” because it is an important prayer topic in our community as well as churches of the world in today. I researched this subject by reading the books and participating in web-workshops and so on. Through this next-generation series, I have learned that, in order to succeed the next generation matters, we have to understand them; find where we stand, and then, we can pursue the direction to the goal of it. My report does not point to anybody’s fault, but to find the common ground for improving the work of God in the next generation. This is my prayer for them, and also our church leaders, teachers, parents, and ultimately for God’s glory and His life-giving work as well. 

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