(KOREA) A New Missionary Family, Mark and J*iun Park from Jong Ro 1 UBF, Korea Sent out to Humber, Canada on July 5, 2021

by UBF HQ   04-14-2021   0 reads

By P*aulus Cha (Humber UBF)

On Apr 5, 2021, M. Mark and G*race Park from Jong-Ro 1 with 2 children, Moses and Su-a arrived safely as missionaries to Humber UBF, Canada. As the Israelites passed through the Red Sea, they passed through 'Covid 19' by faith and came as missionaries. They are sent out from Korea UBF as 1450th and 1451th UBF missionaries.

We are all happy and wanted to welcome them, though we are again under the lockdown state from April 3. Several coworkers from Humber went to the airport, hoping to see them at least briefly but it was not possible because all the international travelers were under strict restriction to follow. M. Mark's family has led to a government-designated hotel from the airport. Though we could not even see their faces thank God, they arrived safe and all the entry processes were done without difficulties. M. Grace got 2 years of student VISA, and all the other families also received 2 years of VISA status. After 3 days of staying at the government-designated hotel, they will be self-isolated.