(MISSIONARY CONF. Update 5/26) FAQS Frequently Asked Questions - Missionaries & National Leaders' Conference Registration

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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions about Missionaries & National Leaders Conference

*How do I download the Missionaries & National Leaders Conference program? 
--> Please click here to download the programs of 3 regions 

*How do I download all message manuscripts in English, Spanish, and Korean? 
--> Please click here to download all message manuscripts in three languages. 

*How do I receive Bible study questions and conference programs for each region (3 regions) for the Missionaries & National Leaders Conference?  
-> Each person who registers based on each region has already received emails with detailed programs and Bible study questions. If you have not found them in your email box, please contact your chapter director for the information. 

*What region am I in? Please check which region you are in. 
--> There are three regions: 1. AFRICA, EUROPE, CIS, ME | 2. ASIA, OCEANIA | 3. NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA 

*How do I attend my Group Bible Study? 
--> Each group Bible study leader in each small group in each region has already sent the zoom invitation (link or ID) to his/her group Bible study members. If you have not received the zoom information for your group Bible study, please contact your Group Bible Study leader and they will send the zoom link information.

*Why are there two separate zoom links during the Missionaries & National Leaders Conference? 
--> Zoom 1: This link is for an entire regional meeting of each region / Zoom 2: This link is only for your group bible study hosted by each group bible study leader in each region. These two zoom links are completely different. See an example below. 

For example, Josh, a Chicago UBF member in the USA will attend the region of NORTH AMERICA zoom meeting. He will attend another zoom meeting for the group bible study during the Missionaries & National Leaders Conference using a different link. So, he has access to the separate two zoom meetings during the Missionaries & National Leaders Conference. The zoom invitations (Link or ID) have already been sent out to each registrant via email. Please check your email and if you have not received the two zoom links, please contact your chapter director. 

2021 Missionaries and National Leaders' Conference Application Guide (by April 15)

The 2021 UBF Missionaries and National Leaders Conference will be held in three regions(on-line) due to the time difference (Europe, Africa, Middle East, CIS/ Asia, Oceania/ North & South America). We will receive applications by April 15th and organize Bible Study groups for each region.

You can sign up for participation by accessing this link. You have to sign up to participate in GBS. So please remember to do so by April 15th. When the process has been completed, we will send you a zoom address to participate in the entire meeting and GBS through the e-mail and kakao talk ID you use.

Please copy and forward the above link to the missionaries who cannot receive the mail. If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact Shs. Lee, Kyoung-ok at admin@ubf.org.

* Who can join the Missionaries and National Leaders’ Conference? 

- All UBF missionaries (including 2nd generation missionaries)
- National coordinators and chapter directors
- Those who are recommended by chapter directors

* Deadline: April 15th, 2021
* Please choose your preferred language for group Bible study formation on the registration site below.


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