(URGENT PRAYER) Thankfully, M. J*oy Palaka Undergoes the First Cycle of Chemotherapy Without Major Complications

by UBF HQ   03-19-2021   0 reads


By S*amuelPalaka

Thank you so much for your love and prayer for M. J*oy. We are indeed overwhelmed by the love and prayer shown by coworkers all over the world. In a time like this, we do not feel alone in this battle. The first cycle of chemo is over, and she is resting at home. She suffers from body pain, constipation, and fever from time to time. The second cycle of chemotherapy will be on March 26-28. After the third cycle of chemo, the doctors will take PET/CT to check for improvement. We have faith in the power of Jesus' healing. Please pray that her body may respond to the chemo without any complications and that she may be completely healed. Please pray that my family may have peace and confidence in Jesus.


Sh. S*amuel Palaka has informed UBF leaders that his beloved wife Joy has been diagnosed with stage-2 breast cancer. And since cancerous tissue has been discovered in other places as well, including the hip bone and chest bone, it is being treated as an advanced stage case. Her doctor has recommended chemotherapy mixed with hormone therapy. After these have been tried, she will be reevaluated to see if surgery is necessary. Sh. Samuel asks prayer that Joy's body may bear the chemotherapy well and that she may be completely healed. He also asks prayer that God's peace would dwell in him and his children. Would you please join us in prayer for this? Thanks.