(URGENT/CROATIA/UPDATE) Earthquakes with the Richter Scale 6.38 in Petrinja

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<UPDATE - 1/6/2021>

By J*oseph Bae

M. Joseph, Maria Bae (Croatia, Europe) (By Joseph B)

We still feel the aftershocks of the 6.4-degree earthquake one week ago. 7 people passed away and over a hundred people wounded, over 20% of buildings totally destroyed in Petrinja 50km from we live. We were amazed to see how all the Croatian people help each other, offering their rooms and camping cars for the needy. I had great hope for Croatia to be a good Samaritan country.

Concerning my health:

After fainting and collapsing, I could take good rest during the break. I memorized Psalm 23 that gave me God’s peace. I did a blood test and the result is good. However, the urine contains blood, so stool and urine thorough tests done and the results will be available soon. EEG and neurologist consultations were scheduled for January 14th delayed from Jan 5th due to the earthquake. All doctors were dispatched there and it was postponed. I am praying to take a full body examination at this opportunity and receive treatment well if I need treatment. Thanks for your prayers.

<M. Joseph with the Zagrev coworkers>

<UPDATE - 12/29/2020> 3:23 PM (CST)

By M*aria Bae in Croatia

1. Earthquake in Croatia (The Richter scale 6.38 degree)
Around 3 p.m. on 29th Dec, there was a big earthquake in Croatia. The Richter scale was 6.38 in Petrinja, Croatia. 
M. Joseph/Maria Bae and UBf coworkers/students are well by God's grace though we had been outside of the house in cold.
We are always ready to go to heaven, but our hearts hurt a lot when we consider the circumstances of the Bible students here who are struggling. They seem to be very difficult. I pray that God will have mercy on God's flock here. We pray that we can become good shepherds and take good care of the sheep and the people where the earthquake directly struck. 
2. M. J*oseph Bae's health
M. Joseph's stomach hurt at around 3:30 a.m. today. He went to the bathroom for a while, then just fainted on the floor and fell down. It seems his fatigue had been accumulated by overworking night and day last one month and finally collapsed. He also said a while ago, he felt weak to be fainting at work and at home a few times. We are going to have a blood test after receiving the doctor's treatment in the morning, and to have an EEG and brain test as soon as an appointment is made. I ask for your earnest intercession prayer for the health of Missionary Joseph. 

<12/29/2020> 7:00 am (CST)

Around 3 p.m. 29th Dec,. there was a big earthquake in Croatia. The Richter scale was 6.38 in Petrinja, Croatia. Please pray for the safety of Msn J*oseph/M*aria Bae and UBF co-workers/students in Croatia.