(SOUTH SUDAN/UPDATE) The Wedding of E*lia and N*ancy Took Place on February 13, 2021

by UBF HQ   02-25-2021   0 reads

<Update - 2/25/2021>

By P*adietDeng

The wedding of E*lia and N*ancy took place on February 13, 2021. Dr. O*yor Moses blessed them with Matthew 22, "The Kingdom of God is like a Wedding Banquet." It was a joyful celebration. May God's kingdom spread throughout Sudan and the rest of the world, raising and uniting disciples such as E*lia and N*ancy.



By P*adietDeng

E*lia & N*ancy had an engagement ceremony. We pray that God may guide them until the establishment of their house church for His glory. Their wedding ceremony will be held this December or January 2021.