(Video/The 4th UBF Forum in English) Life-Giving Power, Prayer

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<Whole Program with Q&A>

Thank God for the 4th English Online Forum in God's blessing. The topic was “Life-Giving Power, Prayer” on October 24th, 2020 via online. Panelists were W*alterNett (Köln, Germany), Dr. M*ariaAlbright (Chicago, USA), P. M*osesYoon (General Director), and the moderator was Dr. H*elenRarick (USA). The videos will be posted soon on ubf.org or UBF TV Youtube channel. 



Hello, fellow UBF mission coworkers. 

Praise God for his great mercy upon us during this Pandemic situation. We invite you to the 4th UBF English Online Forum cordially on October 24th. Through the 4th Online Forum, we would share the new ways and challenges for the life-giving power of prayers. Three panelists will share their testimonial presentations. It could give a new way for overcoming the limitation in our campus ministry and our personal lives in this pandemic situation. 

Here is a guide to the 4th English Online Forum.

Topic: “Life-Giving Power, Prayer” 

  • Date: Saturday, October 24, 2020
  • Time: 10am (Chicago, USA), 11am (New York, USA), 5pm (Berlin, Germany), 12am (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Target Attendees: English-speaking leaders and 2nd gens
  • Panelists: Sh. Walter Nett (Köln, Germany), Dr. Maria Albright (Chicago, USA), P. Moses Yoon (General Director)
  • Moderator: Dr. Helen Rarick (USA)
  • Language: English

*If you want to join the 4th English Online Forum, please register here now! 

UBF Online Forum Committee
Chair: Dr. Ezra Cho (ezra5978@gmail.com)


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