(USA) 2020 Pacific Northwest (PNW) Joint Sunday Worship Service Report

by UBF HQ   09-02-2020   0 reads

Thank and praise God who poured out his abundant blessings upon our 3 Pacific Northwest Joint SWS among 4 chapters and 5 families in US and Canada: Victoria, Vancouver III, Newberg, and Portland chapters on July 26, August 16, and August 30.  

God raised new generation young messengers: Abraham A. (Univ. Portland Junior), James P. (Univ. Victoria, Senior), and Daniel K. (Simon Fraser Univ., Junior) to deliver gracious and powerful messages based on 1 Corinthians 15. They sincerely repented, struggled with God’s word, and testified to God's grace upon their lives. God raised Isaiah J. (Univ. Victoria, Senior) as a gracious life testimony sharer who testified God's grace and resurrection faith in his life. We also heard a conference report from Anna-Marie A. (Portland, HS, Senior) on the Encounter 2020 online conference.  

There was a beautiful co-working among us to build up unity and one body of Christ, especially among our student leaders. We are thankful that the messengers could receive support and message training from our missionaries (M. Paul K., M. Joshua P., Dr. Joseph A.), Pastor Ron Ward, and Dr. Mark Y. There were also four GBS groups each week through which all of us could experience the power of faith and prayer, and joyful fellowship in Christ.  

May God continue to raise disciples of Jesus and spiritual leaders among young people in the PNW region. 

Our prayer topics are to: 

•Worship and praise the Lord together in the PNW overcoming the pandemic 
•Raise up disciples of Jesus and spiritual leaders among young people 
•Build a loving spiritual community in Christ in the PNW region 

Thank you for your support. Please pray for us. 

Dr. Joseph A. on behalf of the PNW Joint SWS House Churches