(Video/Argentina) - Homecoming Ceremony of M. Hannah_Kuper (1953-2020)

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(Updated on 5/17/2020)


The Homecoming Ceremony of M. HannahKuper was held on May 16, 2020, at Buenos Aires in Argentina and it was broadcasted on live-stream via zoom. A total of 330 joined over 500 including families of 6 continents. Thank God for many servants of God from 6 continents who participated in the ceremony with prayers, tears, and thanks. The ceremony revealed M. HannahKuper's beautiful and simple life of faith and her absolute obedience to God's world mission commands and many of us were inspired by them. May God comfort the remaining family members, M. DonKuper, Paul, and John. 

(Updated on 5/16/2020)


"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith" (2 Timothy 4:7)

M. HannahKuper (1953-2020) in Argentina suddenly went to be with the Lord on May, 14th at 7:30 pm due to a heart attack combined with high blood pressure, diabetes, and lung weakness. Please pray for God's condolence to the remaining family members, M. DonKuper, and his two sons, Paul and John. 

*More detailed announcements will be posted later

*Please freely share your thoughts, prayers, memories, and photos here - Homepages: https://www.mykeeper.com/profile/HannahKuper/

<Bottom left: M. DonKuper / Bottom right; M. Hannah / Upper left: Paul / Upper right: John>

<M. Hannah's recent photo with M. DonKupper during Argentina 2020 Summer Bible Conference from Feb. 22-25, 2020>

- In memory of M. HannahKuper in Chicago 

She and her family were in Chicago a few years ago and are known to many of Chicago members personally. She was a woman of faith in Christ, prayer, and a kind disposition. Her patient endurance through times of hardship and persistent prayer have been precious offerings to our Lord Jesus which will continue to bear good fruit. She will be missed by many, especially her husband Don and two sons, Paul and John. Though Hannah's entry into glory has happened in God's time and way, it has come as a surprise to everyone. Let's remember her beautiful missionary life, thank God for her, and pray for her family members to have resurrection faith and receive God's comfort and peace. 

Pastor RonWard in Chicago UBF 

- In memory of M. HannahKuper from RuthKim of Argentina (English)

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” (Psalm 116:15)

I just fed John dinner, Yukgaejang, and dumplings. I asked John and M. Don, who were in the emergency room all afternoon, to have dinner. At the center, I finished praying with brothers. Missionary DonKuper left, saying that he would leave the dog at home and come back. It must be very hard for him and he didn't come back for dinner. 

While John was eating dinner, tears were coming down from his eyes. John was crying and said, "I remember that recently my mom kept talking about having dumplings. My mom liked bean sprouts, so I tried to grow them." When John saw the bean sprouts in Yukgaejang, he thought about his mother. When he ate dumplings, he thought about his mother.”

Honestly, I can't believe it. Still, I can’t. I tried not to become sad. I need to be alert. Since M.DonKuper is in deep sorrow, we must prepare a funeral and a graveyard. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the funeral will be held as briefly as possible. Missionary Kuper said that he would get the burial place in Argentina. It was Missionary Hannah Kuper’s will. I remembered Abraham who buried his wife, Sarah, in the cave of Machpelah.

Once I cooked Yukgaejang for Missionary Hannah Kuper. She loved it so much. This time, I was thinking of Missionary Hannah while I was making this dish. But I couldn't bring it to her because she had high blood pressure and food was too salty for her. I made dumplings thinking of her. When I went to Korea Supermarket before, she asked for dumpling materials, but the supermarket was closed. So I made dumplings at home. It was not as difficult as I thought. When I made dumpling skins at home, it wasn’t too difficult to make them. I thought about telling Hannah that I could make it because it was easy. I made dumplings and wanted to take them to her, but she was already fighting the battle of life and death. 

Missionary Hannah’s working place was too far away from the center traveling three hours everyday. I always prayed because it was so painful to see her traveling that far. This time, as we are quarantined, her job was carried out through online classes. So, I thought that finally, M.Hannah didn’t have to travel long hours anymore. But suddenly she passed away. No, it was not sudden. There was a sign. I haven't seen her for two months and only met her online. If I had met her face-to-face, would I have asked to go to the hospital? It seemed like yesterday, this March, that M.Hannah and I told each other to be precautious about our health. I was concerned about edema in her leg and thought that she would get better if she could rest.

My dear neighbors, coworkers, who would read this letter, please pray for us to conduct the funeral well. Please pray for M. DonKuper, John, and Paul to have faith and hope in God's kingdom, and receive the indescribable comfort of God. Most likely, we will hold the funeral service and burial this Saturday. Please pray for a proper cemetery. Please join us in prayer during M. Hannah’s homecoming ceremony. She devoted her whole life as a missionary. Her last word was, “The Lord is my shepherd.” The cause of death was an acute heart attack. 

(RuthKim of Argentina)

"그의 경건한 자들의 죽음은 여호와께서 보시기에 귀중한 것이로다" (시편 116장 15절) (Korean)

방금 존에게 밥을 먹였다. 육개장과 만두. 오후 내내 응급실에 있었던 존, 단 선교사님에게 저녁을 먹자고 했다. 센타에서 형제들과 기도를 마쳤다. 개를 집에 두고 오겠다던 단 쿠퍼 선교사님은 차마 집에 간 이후 못 오시는 것 같다. 꾸역꾸역 밥을 먹는 존. 목이 매이는지... 눈물을 후두둑 후두둑 떨어 뜨린다. "엄마가 돌아가기기 전까지 만두, 만두 노래를 했는데.." "엄마가 콩나물 좋아해서 콩나물 키워보려고 애썼는데" 한다. 육개장에 숙주나물을 보니 엄마생각, 만두봐도 엄마생각... 솔직히 믿어지지 않는다. 아직도 그렇다. 슬퍼하지 않으려고 한다. 정신을 바짝 차려야 한다.

일단은 슬픔에 잠겨 있는 돈쿠퍼 선교사님 대신에 어떻게 장례를 준비하고 묘지를 준비할 것인가가 급하다. 코로나 정국에 있는 장례라 최대한 간소하게 치러질 것이다. 단 쿠퍼 선교사님은 아르헨티나에 한나 선교사님의 매장지를 두겠다고 한다. 그분의 뜻이었단다. 막벨라 굴을 매장지로 정한 아브라함이 생각났다.

육개장은 전에 한 번 단, 한나 쿠퍼 선교사님에게 요리해 준 적이 있었는데 너무 너무 좋아하셨다. 이번에도 육개장을 하면서 한나 쿠퍼 선교사님이 생각이 났지만 고혈압이라 짠 거를 먹으면 안된다는 생각으로 갖다 줄 생각을 못했다. 만두도 만들었다. 전에 한국수퍼에 가면 만두피를 사달라고 하셨는데 문을 닫았었다. 그래서 직접 집에서 만두를 만들어 보았다. 생각보다 어렵지 않았다. 막상 만두피를 만들어보니 만들만했다. 한나 선교사님에게 쉬우니까 만들어도 된다고 말씀 드릴까 생각을 했었다. 그가 죽음과 사투를 벌일 시간에 만두를 만들면서 한나 선교사님 생각을 했다.

센타와 너무나 떨어진 곳에 직장을 구해서 하루 3 시간을 왕복했던 선교사님. 난 그게 너무나 마음이 아파서 늘 기도했었다. 이번에 격리가 시행되고 온라인 수업으로 대체되면서 아, 이제 그 지긋지긋한 여행 안해도 되는구나...잘됐다고... 생각했었다. 그런데 이렇게 갑자기 가셨다. 아니 징조가 있었는지 모른다. 나는 선교사님을 못본지 두달이었고 온라인으로만 만났었다. 만약 대면해서 만나면 병원에 가 보자고 했을까? 올해 3월에 건강 조심하자고 당부했던 것이 엊그제 같은데.... 다리에 부종이 있는 것도 마음에 걸렸었는데 격리되고 쉬면 나아지겠거니 했는데 ...

제 글 보시는 이웃분들, 저희가 장례를 잘 치를 수 있도록 기도해 주세요. 그리고 단쿠퍼, 존 쿠퍼, 폴 쿠퍼에게 믿음과 하나님 나라 산소망 주시고 말할 수 없는 위로를 주시기를 기도합니다. 발인은 토요일이 될 것 같고 좋은 묘지를 주시기를 기도합니다. 평생 선교를 위해 헌신했던 그분의 가는 길에 기도로 동행해 주십시요. 그분은 마지막에 '여호와는 나의 목자시니' 고백하셨습니다. 사인은 급성 심장마비입니다.  (RuthKim of Argentina)