2019 Japan Summer Bible Conf. and New House Church News (8/9-11, 2019 )

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Written by M. Daniel Jung

In spite of the recent hard relationship between Korea and Japan, the Lord allowed the 30th anniversary of UBF Japan SBC (8/9-11). Special guests: P. Joshua L. who was in Gwangju, supporting Japan ministry from the early days of pioneering. M. Daniel Y. (Chicago) supported Japan 1st SBC by helping missionaries who did not speak Japanese well in 1989. Ms. Marie L., the first missionary from Japan, with her mother and her coworker Terry L. (LA). Her mother accepted Jesus, working hard on Bible study. We shed tears for God’s grace for the last 30 years.

S. Naomi O. gave a very gracious and clear message, "What is your name?" Each person was grateful for his name, striving to be like his name. The new Q & A time was also very good. The next Lecture, by Daniel Y. (Japanese Missionary to the USA): “Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God”

Please pray for the work of the Word and of the Holy Spirit. Pray for new second gen's house church between Samuel J. and Sarah K. on 8/11 

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