Cambodia UBF Held a John’s Gospel Conference (Dec. 22-23, 2018), CAMBODIA

by WMD   01-09-2019   0 reads

On Dec. 22-23, 2018, Cambodia UBF held a John’s Gospel Conference at Hankam Theological School outside of Phnom Penh City.  

We thank and praise God for allowing us to have such a wonderful conference with all our one to one Bible students. We had a total of 21 attendees, including, Dr. Moses & Rebecca Jung (Chicago), Msn. Joseph Lee’s family, Msn. Isaac Suh’s family, Msn. Paul & Joan Yoon, Sh. HueRang, brother Chiwoo BunTeng, SomNang, and sisters ZaRiah, Sony, Wattana, Darina, and SSrui Pett.   

The messengers were Joseph Lee (John 5), Isaac Suh (John 8), and Paul Yoon. They delivered the messages with all their heart in Korean, and sisters Sony, Wattana, and ZaRiah translated them into Cambodian.  

All 5 one to one Bible students shared their testimonies. Through her testimony, sister Sony made a decision to overcome her fatalistic thinking at her work due to many difficulties and challenges, depending on the word of Jesus, “Get Up and Take Up Your Mat”. Brother BunTeng began to attend our Sunday Worship Service after making a decision during the conference. Sister Darina confessed that she will be victorious by depending on Jesus daily, overcoming the world in a fiercely competitive society like the Bethesda.

Sister Wattana thanked Jesus and accepted Jesus as her savior who did not condemn her dirty sins but rather forgave all her sins even though she did not deserve it. 

Sister ZaRiah has been forgiven of her sins of resentment against her parents and envy of others, through the one to one Bible studies and in the blood of Jesus Christ. She is thankful to God and served our conference with delicious homemade Kimchi and brought 10 t-shirts for the sing-along team, out of her own pocket.

We especially thank God for Sh. HueRang who took time off from his work in South Korea in order to serve our conference as an interpreter.

We also thank God for Dr. Moses & Rebecca Jung from Chicago who came to support Cambodia pioneering work for a month with love, prayer, and material support as well.

Personally, I am going to return back to Korea at the end of July 2019. I praise and thank God for enabling me to serve the conference and for using me to serve Cambodia pioneering work until now, though I don’t deserve it.