UBF Malaysia’s 1st International Bible Conference and Establishment of 1st House Church

by WMD   07-27-2017   0 reads

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles” (Isaiah 40:31)

By His irresistible grace, God brought to the land of Malaysia the 1st International Bible Conference in UBF Asia history. We are moved by God's vision for Malaysia to be a channel of blessings to world gospel ministry, especially in the land of Asia. During June 29- July 2, 2017, many of our beloved brothers and sisters from chapters in the Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei, Indonesia, and the United States gathered together to worship our Lord God and to encourage each other in faith for the gospel of grace. In addition to that, God established the first house church of Malaysia UBF between Ison Hong and Nicky Teng.

The theme of the conference was “Grace and Peace,” inspired by Isaiah chapters 40, 53, 54 and 55. Because of God’s grace through our Lord Jesus Christ, we can experience these six words: Wait, Comfort, Believe, Sing, Come and Rejoice. The first night, the conference was opened with the message by Steve Haga (Taiwan), which was about waiting upon the Lord who keeps His promises, even in the sufferings of exile. The night then ended with Lecture 1, in which Ison (Malaysia) spoke about the eternal comfort that God gives us because of the ever-enduring nature of God’s word.

On the second day, there was Lecture 2, delivered by Vincent Lee (Malaysia), on the topic of faith in the Suffering Servant Jesus who alone brings peace for sinners to be reconciled with God. After lunch, there was a special presentation by Dr. Pathman on his experience with the world’s first arm transplant, which tested his faith. It was followed by a presentation by Jacob Lee from Washington UBF (USA) on how a church can raise disciples for world mission, as well as a testimony by Johnson from Nigeria and Carlo from the Philippines. In the evening, we listened to the 3rd lecture on grace that sings by Bob Henkins from IIT UBF (USA). When God’s everlasting kindness and compassion overflow our hearts, songs of praise will burst out of us. Philippines UBF later entertained us with their local dance performances.

On the third day, Jimmon Rubilos (Philippines) delivered Lecture 4 on grace that invites us to experience it, extend it to others and to entrust our lives to God’s gracious plan. After lunch, there were series of testimonies by Rachel from the Philippines, Mark Hui from Taiwan, Godwin from Nigeria, Nicky from Taiwan, and Ison from Malaysia. The conference was then closed with a message delivered by Rhoel Lomahan from West Loop UBF (USA), on grace as the source of joy, which is also a fruit of the Spirit. 

On the fourth day, we had a Sunday worship service, in which the message was spoken by Dan Bockenfeld from IIT UBF (USA) on John 4. Jesus offers living water as the only solution to the emptiness of life. In the afternoon, there was the wedding ceremony of Ison and Nicky, participated by members of churches and ministries, family members, and friends.  Steve Haga (Kaohsiung UBF director, Taiwan) officiated their beautiful marriage, which is built upon the beautiful life and faith that God has placed in their hearts. Following the gracious ceremony was a sumptuous banquet which all of us enjoyed.

After the wedding, we had a tour to a city outside of Kuala Lumpur, named Melaka. It is a city full of historical sites, once conquered by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. The 2 days 1 night tour was a meaningful one for those who joined.

Overall, it was God's amazing grace to have such a blessed time of fellowship. We are one universal church in Christ and God, in the richness of His grace, being united and strengthened in one mind and spirit to serve His Kingdom. We pray for more of such gatherings in the future to encourage one another share spiritual gifts for gospel ministry. Thank God for His grace. Although we are few, His grace is sufficient for us to be His instrument for world mission.

Prayer topics of UBF Malaysia:

  1. The gospel of grace may touch the hearts of many Muslims in Malaysia.

  2. God may raise up faithful bible students.

  3. God may establish more house churches.   

  4. God may unite UBF churches within Asia and the world for His gospel mission.

By Vincent Lee